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Looking to buy, near Gardiner/Waterville
Last Post 27 Nov 2012 09:41 PM by Luisa. 0 Replies.
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27 Nov 2012 09:41 PM  

I know it's a bit late in the season, but Nic and I are looking to buy:
• One/two dozen eggs per week
• Half-gallon of raw/unpasteurized goat or cow's milk per week

I can bring my own mason jars, egg cartons, and cooler.
I only want food from animals that spend a lot of time outside, and eat a diet natural to them, instead of lots grain or soy.

In addition to that we're also interested in:
• Learning how to milk a doe (specially nigerian dwarf because of their small teats, but for now any breed will do)
• Chicken livers and hearts
• Chicken feet, necks and backs
• Beef soup/marrow bones
• Beef heart and liver
• Tallow, lard, chicken/duck fat for cooking (rendered or not)
• Blood sausage (black pudding / morcela / morcilla )
• Whey (about a quart or more)
• Ginger bug (soda starter), kefir grains, sourdough starter, kombucha mother

Please email me (85lifestream@gmail.com), text or leave a voice message at 619-4805 to let me know what you have.
We live in Waterville but Nic works in Gardiner, so maybe we can find someone around the area.

Would also consider making a website in exchange, if that's something you need.

- Luisa & Nic
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