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About MOFGA.net

MOFGA.net is the online community of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. The goal of MOFGA.net is to complement our other website MOFGA.org by offering an interactive online community for learning and sharing. This is accomplished with the three major components of the website: discussion forums, user profiles, and the MOFGApedia.

User Profiles
MOFGA.net allows any farm, business, organization, family or individual that shares the values and vision of MOFGA to create a profile. This is essentially your own webpage on MOFGA.net that describes you and your interests. Whether you have a MOFGA-certified farm or are simply a person interested in good, locally grown food, you can create a profile that describes who you are and what you do with a description, photos, videos, music, a blog and more. If you have products, services, or skills you would like to share with the community, these will be available to others through a searchable directory. See a farm profile
example. View a screencast of an overview of a MOFGA.net profile.

Use Of The Term "Organic"
MOFGA encourages members of MOFGA.net to follow the National Organic Program law, which requires compliance with its regulations on the use of the term organic. If you gross more than $5,000 a year from the sale of organic products you must be certified to market your products as organic. Details about organic certification.

Discussion Forums
From garden pest problems to selling (or fixing) your old tractor to finding a local farmer's market or a ride to the fair, the
discussion forums are a place for answers, information, and conversation.

The goal of the
MOFGApedia is to capture and share the collective wisdom of the MOFGA community around certain topic areas. From apples to composting, tomato hornworms to raising chickens, each topic contains a series of articles from The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener newspaper and from expert community members related to that topic. There are also links to finding that item within the community, links to resources and discussion forums where that topic is being discussed.

MOFGA.net integrates the discussion forums with the user profiles. When you click on the name of someone that has posted something in a discussion forum, or a comment on a MOFGApedia article, you can view their profile. Likewise, while viewing someone's profile, you can see their latest forum or blog post. You can be notified by email when someone posts to a discussion you are following or comments on an article you have written. You can also incorporate
rss feeds into your profile page, especially useful if you want to bring in content from blogs, news feeds, your Twitter account, etc.

You can search for whatever you are looking for in a variety of ways. For example, a search for "apples" could lead you to a local source to buy a bushel of your favorite variety, info on fighting pests on your trees, a recipe for apple pie, or canning and drying techniques. You might be looking for a carpenter, electrician, or blacksmith in Waldo County, or a source for spring piglets or fall cider, or maybe even a massage or dance class. Everything posted in another community member's profile, discussion forums, or on MOFGA.org is just a click away.
Search MOFGA websites.

Getting Started
The first step in the process is to send in your
request to register. You will then be sent details on registering. To help you learn about how to navigate in the community and learn the ropes, you can check our Question and Answer section and post any questions you have in the Getting Started forum. There is also a library of online tutorials.

Privacy, Accountability, Quality
This website is meant to be a resource for the MOFGA community. We reserve the right to delete any postings or users that we feel are not in keeping with
MOFGA's mission or who are not using this resource in a postive and respectful manner. You must register using your real name and other information. You do not need to disclose personal information in your profile (address, phone, email, etc.) unless you want community members to contact you in that manner. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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