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Uploading photos onto MOFGA.net
Your profile photo or logo

The image should be a picture of your face or of your business logo. You will have the opportunity to add pictures of your farm, family, gardens, etc. later. You will need to resize and/or crop your photo if it is directly from your camera. You can use your own software for this or use this online tool. A square-shaped image (around 45kb in size or 300x300 pixels) is best.

If you have trouble with this or your image does not upload to your profile, you can email your photo as an attachment to this email address:

and we will do it for you.

Uploading photos to your journal

After you log in you can upload photos into your journal by clicking on the 'Add Photo' icon in your profile. The size limit on these photos is 250kb. The ideal size is about 100kb. The upload will fail if the file is larger. You can use your software (optimize photo for the web) or this online tool to resize the photo.

Uploading entire photo albums

You can bring photo albums (or any form of media) into the 'Media' tab in your profile using a link or embed code. It must be hosted elsewhere (YouTube, PodBean, Flickr, Picassa, imeem, on a server, etc.).

Log in, then go to your profile and go to the 'Media' tab. On the next page click on +Add Media. You can provide the embed code or link, then click 'Save'.

It is much better to use the embed code for your media rather than a link because the media will be displayed directly in your profile Media tab.


This photo was cropped from the larger photo below and is better for a MOFGA.net profile photo (the one above your Contact info in the profile). It is 300x300 pixels and 55kb in size.

The photo below has been cropped and resized and optimized for the web (jpg compression) from the larger photo below. It is 500x425px and 80kb in size. It is good for upload into a MOFGA.net journal through 'Add photo'.

This photo is straight from a digital camera. It is 2000x1500px and 650kb. This is too large to upload onto MOFGA.net.


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