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MOFGA.net SignUp Checklist


Learn about MOFGA.net
You can read an overview about MOFGA.net here. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions here.
Decide what information you want to share with the community
You are not required to enter your address or phone number if you do not want others to contact you in that manner. If you have a business or farm, however, you will most likely want to include that contact info. You can include your email address in the 'About Me' section of your profile if you want community members to contact you by email.

You can have links to your website, store, Facebook page, etc., so have those complete URLs handy to post into your profile registration.
Have your photo or logo image ready
The image should be a picture of your face or of your business logo. You will have the opportunity to add pictures of your farm, family, gardens, etc. later. You may need to resize and/or crop your photo if it is directly from your camera. You can use your own software for this or use this online tool. A square-shaped image (around 45kb in size or 300x300 pixels) is best. If you have trouble with this or your image does not upload to your profile, you can email your photo to us and we will do it for you. See this help file for more information.
Products & Services
After you create your profile you will be able to add products and services that you want to appear in the MOFGA.net directory. To do this, click on 'Edit Profile' after you login, then click 'Add Products' or 'Add Services' on that page. You should also have a description of your products and services prepared that you can include in your profile.
Check your email account
You will receive a confirmation email after you sign up that includes your login and password information. Make sure to save the email, print it, and save it in a safe place.


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