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Bento Box Lunch
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"Laptop Lunches: Bento-ware for Everwhere"

Bento box lunch
A bento box lunch containing dead dinos, primordial sludge, and fossils, by Laurel McFarland. Laurel McFarland photo, published in the Winter 2009-2010 Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener.

Bento box lunchMy elder daughter, Laurel, who works as a nanny and home schools two delightful children, is always sharing with me photographs of the colorful and fun lunches she prepares for her charges. Using bright purple, green, red and yellow plastic compartments that fit neatly into a box known as a laptop lunch, she fills them with artistically decorated palm trees, bunnies, even “green eggs and ham.” When plans include air travel, the family is the envy of other passengers, as Laurel is sure to pack each an exquisitely prepared Japanese or bento (also called obento) lunch box.

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