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Los pedestales
Cubans have a system of rotational grazing in which “pedestals” of legumes grow on wire trellises and are intercropped with strips of grasses. Photo courtesy of Wendy Holm.

Wendy HolmWendy Holm of Vancouver, B.C., has, for 34 years, been an agrologist (a professional designation in Canada for experts in agricultural science). She is also an economist with an award-winning background in public policy and is tremendously concerned about the harmful effects of bad policy on agriculture in her country.

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Organic Farm in CubaThe view from the hilltop headquarters of the former Empresa Pecuaria Bacuranao is just the sort of command-and-control, panopticon view to satisfy the manager of a large-scale, industrial farm. “All this below us was a giant dairy farm,” says Cuban agronomist Fernando Funes Monzote. “The government imported thousands of Holstein cows. This was a 13,000-hectare farm once.”

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