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Shining Example Farm
Rafe Hollister
294 Crosby Brook Road
Unity, Maine 04988 (Map)
County: Waldo
Phone: 207-568-4142

This profile for "Shining Example Farm" farm is to demonstrate what a MOFGA.net profile is all about. In a real profile this section would be a brief description of the farm. The different tabs below are:
Activity - This shows what you have been up to. It shows recent topics you have posted in the forums; lets you share a website link or article; lets you add a note, photo, file; allows you to import an rss feed.
Products - This tab shows the products that you want to sell. It lets you describe the products and how and where they are sold.
Services - Here you can add and describe the services that you wish to offer to the community.
Media - Quickly add any media to your profile: photo albums; music and podcast files; videos.
Please see the question and answer section for details on adding each of these items.

Uncertified Products
  • mustard greens
  • onions
  • soybeans
  • herbal teas
  • skin creams/balms
  • dried herbs
  • pet treats

Products Description

Here you can describe your products: how they are grown; where you sell them. You can also include varieties, animal breeds, etc. If you have a product that is not on the MOFGA product list (which is based on products that MOFGA certifies as organic) you can include it in this section and it will be picked up in keyword searches. Examples include: alpacas; Barred Rock; Black Oxford.

Here you can add details on when and where you sell your products in the product description section. Example: Institutions (Unity College), Natural Food Stores (Belfast Co-op, Uncle Deans, Green Spot), Restaurants (Belfast Co-op deli), Trade or Barter (Friends and Neighbors), Donations (Unity Food Pantry)

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