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Shining Example Farm
Rafe Hollister
294 Crosby Brook Road
Unity, Maine 04988 (Map)
County: Waldo
Phone: 207-568-4142

This profile for "Shining Example Farm" farm is to demonstrate what a MOFGA.net profile is all about. In a real profile this section would be a brief description of the farm. The different tabs below are:
Activity - This shows what you have been up to. It shows recent topics you have posted in the forums; lets you share a website link or article; lets you add a note, photo, file; allows you to import an rss feed.
Products - This tab shows the products that you want to sell. It lets you describe the products and how and where they are sold.
Services - Here you can add and describe the services that you wish to offer to the community.
Media - Quickly add any media to your profile: photo albums; music and podcast files; videos.
Please see the question and answer section for details on adding each of these items.

  • Carpenter
  • Chimney Sweep


Here you can describe the services you wish to offer. So I might describe the details of my experience and examples of carpentry projects I had done, references, licenses, insured, etc., and you could describe the childcare facility run in the home.

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