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Luisa L

Waterville, 04901 (Map)
County: Kennebec

I don't have a farm yet, but in the future I want to raise and grow just enough animals and vegetables/fruits to feed my family and friends. It might be a few years until we start doing this, but I still want to get in touch with other farmers. (Adding a profile picture soon)
November 27
3:49 PM Note
First time garden by the front porch
Making two 4x6 raised beds in front of my south-facing porch. Trying square foot gardening with: radishes, parsnips, variety of carrots, beets (and their greens), onions and red onions, small green and red cabbages, maybe a broccoli plant for the broccoli and the greens. Then if there's still room, I'll sneak in curly kale, swiss chard, basil and coriander. Trying alpine strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lipstick peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and green beans in 5 gallon buckets upside down. This is going to be my first garden... scared of it doing not doing well, but really excited at the same time!

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