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Hidden Valley Nature Center
Tracy Moskovitz
204 Hollywood Blvd
Whitefield, 04353 (Map)
County: Lincoln
Phone: 586 5837

Hidden Valley Nature Center is a forest-based 501(c)(3) non-profit education center. More than 30 miles of trails and over one mile of shoreline on Little Dyer Pond give visitors access to 1,000 acres of contiguous forest in mid-coast Maine. The trail network connects the pond with one of the most ecologically diverse and undeveloped roadless tracts of forestland in the region – making it a gem of wilderness in the midst of the rapidly developing Mid-Coast region. Hidden Valley Nature Center’s mission has three parts: (1) To offer premier opportunities for outdoor, non-motorized recreation; (2) To offer educational opportunities related to the natural world, ecological literacy, and sustainable communities; and (3) To model innovative, and sustainable forestry practices.

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