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Patti Dowse
Patti Dowse
946 Dexter Rd
Cambridge, 04923 (Map)
County: Somerset
Phone: 207 277-5335

We have an old farmhouse in the process of being resurrected, after 35 years of neglect. The 50 acres, with a lot of good fields, have not been touched in that time, but amazingly there's still a lot of good, high dry fields, and of course could easily be organic (neglect has some benefits!)

Our plan is to completely overhaul the house, making it energy efficient and free of maintenance worries for the coming years, then sell it for a modest price. If we found someone interested in it, while we are in the process, they could help decide how to spend the money: a new septic system, ($8000) or a composting toilet ($1200)? Metal roof or shingle? All new sheet rock, or DIY? One bathroom or two?

Patti Dowse 277-5335 717-7771 docqs@aol.com


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