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Straw's Farm
Lee Straw
Aran Straw
30 Brick Hill Rd
Newcastle, ME 04553 (Map)
Phone: 207-882-6875

Straws Farm is a small family farm located on 50 acres in Newcastle Maine, run by father and son team Lee and Aran Straw who are 5th and 6th generation farmers. We milk our herd of organic Jersey cattle year round and strive to produce the best quality 100% grass fed A2 raw milk. Our Jersey girls have been bred and raised on the farm for generations that span decades resulting in a herd with a lovely temperment and high quality milking characteristics. We also manage a flock of 150 North Country Cheviot island ewes. Through ram selection and our flock management practices over the years, this already impressive flock has flourished and in return we have very high quality lamb and spinning wool from these hardy ladies.

In addition to our herd and flock we also have 1200 free range Sexlinks laying hens and a team of shepherding dogs in various stages of training. We strive every year (weather permitting) to produce and harvest all of our own feed for our herd and home flock of sheep and to maintain regenerative agricultural practices on the lands we own and manage.


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