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Treble Ridge Farm
Rufus Percy
Alice Percy
528 E. River Rd.
Whitefield, ME 04353 (Map)
Phone: 207-441-2098

Treble Ridge is a second-generation farm located on the Sheepscott River in Whitefield. We are currently the largest producer of certified organic hogs in the state; we also offer organic hay, vegetables, and fruits.

We think our organic certification is a valuable service to all our customers, whether they are shopping at the farmers market, grabbing a package of meat at a retail store, or dining in a restaurant.  MOFGA Organic Certification is their best guarantee that our food was raised in an agricultural system that truly respects human and environmental health.

It is our goal to make our meat a truly local product. Instead of feeding our hogs premixed grower pellets made from Canadian and Midwest-grown grain, we buy organic whole grains directly from farmers in Maine and Vermont (currently barley from Andrew Qualey in Benedicta and soybean meal from Bull Ridge Farm in Albion). We are even growing an increasing proportion of our own grain right here on the farm. The grain is occasionally supplemented with waste milk from nearby organic dairies, and by things like cabbage stems and mouse-nibbled melons from our market gardens.

It is very important to us that our hogs eat food that was not raised with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs. Eating CERTIFIED ORGANIC meat is a very important step toward creating demand for organically managed cropland - which means healthier soil, healthier waterways, and fewer dangerous chemicals in our environment.

At Treble Ridge Farm, we believe that happy pigs taste better. Our pigs are raised in small groups with plenty of room to run around and engage in natural behaviors like rooting and playing. We move them onto fresh pasture every week from May through October, and plant vegetable crops where they were pastured in previous years. In the winter, they live in roomy box stalls in our homebuilt timber-frame barn, with daytime access to the outdoors and plenty of grass hay to play in. Because we spend time getting our animals used to human contact, they remain calm during all handling and transport.

Local, organic grain. Fresh grass. Happy pigs. Yummy sausage.


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