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The Maine Potato Lady
Alison LaCourse
PO Box 65
Guilford, ME 04443 (Map)
Phone: 207-717-5451
Farm Location: 90C Moosehead Trail
Newport, ME 04953 (Map)

In more than fifteen years’ work with seed potatoes, I have become known to many of you as "The Potato Lady," helping you to select the right varieties for your garden, and offering growing hints drawn from my own experience as a successful organic farmer. In this catalog, I am pleased to offer you certified seed potatoes, onion sets and onion transplants, French and Dutch shallots, "potato onions," sweet potato slips, cover crops, soil inoculants, fertilizers, and fall-planted garlic. Much of our seed, and many of our plants and products, are also certified organic or approved for organic production. I know you’ll love the wide variety of potatoes featured here, including fingerlings, blue- and yellow-fleshed tubers, and heirloom potatoes. I have grown and eaten – and enjoyed! – just about all the varieties I offer. They all produce beautifully, they’re available in many colors and shapes, and they’re delectable to the taste– truly a feast for the eye and palate.

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