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Argyle Acres
Galen Young Bonnie Young
1281 southgate road
Argyle, Maine 04468 (Map)
County: Penobscot
Phone: 207-745-4797

My ancestors farmed in the Mid-West, until the Dust Bowl, Great Depression and 'Grapes Of Wrath' migration, when they became economic refugee migratory-farm-workers. I grew up farming in California to the dream promised by Conventional Ag. I have chosen instead to be more sustainable and mindful of this planet we have been given, our health and how we treat each other. We moved to Maine in 2005. We live on an off-grid homestead where we raise a herd of free-range pigs on a 150-acre woodlot. We produce medicinal herbs, perennial vegetables using permaculture design, with edible landscapes and sustainable practices. We have 10 acres of fiddleheads, 100+ mature maples to tap, and I am a beekeeper. Bonnie enjoys exploring bean flour recipes and presenting them each year at the Common Ground Fair Country Kitchen. She is the Farm-to-School program rep for this county. She is also the Produce Manager of a grocery store. She serves on the Fair Steering Committee as Farm & Homestead area coordinator. We both serve as board members of our county Cooperative Extension Office. We founded the Penobscot County Chapter of MOFGA. I serve on the Fair Steering Committee [T-shirt coordinator] and on the Public Policy Committee. Galen.the.Beekeeper @ gmail.com

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