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Haystack Mountain Farm
Elise Brown
84 W. Main St.
Liberty, Maine 04949 (Map)
County: Waldo
Phone: 589-4339

We are located on the edge of Lake St. George, just outside Liberty's village center. We started as a commercial organic vegetable business and over the years have evolved into a family-centered homesteading operation. We have a large garden, dairy goats, and ducks and laying hens. Lately I have focused on permaculture projects. We now have a 35-tree orchard (apple, pear, plum cherry, peach), which is fenced in with 8' deer fencing. The fence serves multiple purposes, as we now house our poultry within the orchards and I am planting grapes and kiwis along the edge. Nearby is a bramble patch with varieties of raspberries and blackberries and a developing stand of asparagus. Our neighbor keeps a hive of bees here. I enjoy working to keep a variety of crops and weeds in flower at all times for all the pollinators' benefit. My daughter, Rose, started us off on dairy goats in 2007, and their addition has certainly added a new vitality to the farm. Our small Swiss herd varies in size from 2-4 milkers. We use most of the milk to make cheese or use fresh. Unused whey or spoiled milk goes to the chickens or our neighbor's pigs. We also raise broilers for the freezer, host community cider squeezes using our mid 1800's cider press, and make maple syrup in the spring.

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