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Ironwood of Tide Mill Farm
Rachel Bell
Nathan Horton
103 Tide Mill Rd.
Edmunds, ME 04628 (Map)
Phone: 207-733-7533

Husband and wife team Nate Horton and Rachel Bell operate their business, Ironwood, within the larger setting of Tide Mill Farm, which has been in Rachel's family for nine generations and currently hosts six households of family members who share life and work on the land. A sister business to Tide Mill Creamery (also owned and operated by Rachel and Nate), Ironwood produces certified organic pastured pork, allowing us to utilize the whey from our creamery.

Our pigs, mostly from heritage breed stock, are rotated on woodland pasture, and allowed to forage on native flora.We feed them organic barley soaked in the whey from our creamery, and also treat them with any leftover yogurt or cheese we may have (which they especially love). Our pigs are allowed to be pigs: rooting, wallowing, and soaking up the sunshine that allows for optimal vitamin D absorption in their fat. This means that not only can you feel better about eating this pork, but it is better for you–full of the vitamins and minerals that healthy pork should have. In fact, we believe you will taste the difference, too. The meat from our pigs is dark, rich, and full of “old world” flavor. It’s just plain “whey-good!"

Our mission at Ironwood is to provide people in our region with exceptional quality, organic, artisinal food products from our farm, directly participating in each step of the process from farm to table. Our work is done in a spirit of respect and stewardship towards the plants, animals and the land itself. We are committed to keeping the tradition of small-scale family farming alive and thriving, and to leaving behind a healthy legacy for the generations to come. Contact Nate and Rachel at 207-733-7533 or email ironwoodoftidemill@gmail.com.


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