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To change entries in the fields Username, Password, Confirm Password, or Email Address go into your profile and click on the 'My Account' button.

Check your business type or skills and services you wish to offer to the community. You can check all that apply: for example 'Tools-New & Used' and 'Hardware Store.' If you do not see your business listed here you can list it in the 'Business Description' section below.

In this section you can include a narrative to describe the skills and services you would like to offer to MOFGA.net community members. What is your experience? Are you licensed and insured? Do you give free estimates? Etc.

You can include skills and services not found on the list above and it will appear in a search of the directory as this field is included when someone searches the directory. See example. You need to check 'Other' category above to have keywords in the description field show up.

If you need to enter more than one paragraph, place this code <p> (a 'p' in between the 2 chevrons) after each paragraph.



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